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Impact Crusher and Its Types : Horizontal-shaft and Vertical-shaft Impactors

The two main types (horizontal-shaft and vertical-shaft impactors) are characterised by a high reduction ratio and cube-shaped product. The impactors can also be used for selective crush- ing, a method that liberates hard minerals from the waste material.

Horizontal-shaft Impact Crusher

The feed material is crushed by highly intensive impacts originating in the quick rotational movement of hammers/bars fixed to the rotor. The particles produced are then further crushed inside the crusher as they collide against crusher parts and against each other, producing a i ner, better-shaped product.

Vertical-shaft impact Crusher

The vertical-shaft impactor can be considered a ‘stone pump’ that operates like a centrifugal pump. The material is fed through the centre of the rotor, where it is accelerated to high speed before being discharged through openings in the rotor periphery. The material is crushed as it hits the liners of the outer body at high speed and also due to the rock-on-rock action.